About Me?

Oh Boy – I hate these type of things because I change all the time. Well that’s my goal at least. Always grow – always learn – always evolve.

Who am I?


         ick – I’m not just a name

a daughter

a sister

a wife

         who am I?

a dreamer

a lover

an activist

a wild healer

 who am I?

I am the one who sees life. I am the one who feels life. I am the one whos heart loves and whos heart hurts. I am the one who loves. I am the one who gives. I am the one who receives. I am the one who sees. I am the one who believes.


I have started this blog for myself – for my family- for my friends


I have never been one to hold in secrets of my life. Sure I have a few that I hold close, but for the most part I like living my life pretty open. I like sharing things with others. I want to tell my story. Its pretty freaking interesting – comical – heartbreaking – romantic- and sometimes completely unbelievable. I hope you enjoy the ride – I still haven’t decided yet :p


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