We Are In Love – Not Perfect

I remember kissing you for the first time

How much my heart raced

I typically don’t make the first move

but I did

I remember warning you how broken I was

and you still wanted me and all my broken pieces

I remember dancing

we danced so much

I remember when we moved in together I wanted to have faith

but truthfully I though our love would fizzle out

It didn’t

It grew

I remember the night you counted every freckle of mine

I still get crazy butterflies thinking about how sweet that night was

I remember our first fight

That knot still hasn’t untangled

I remember how much our love grew after that fight

but shit- we aren’t perfect – we still have our issues we run circles around

I remember our wedding day

a beautiful blur

one image

the most beautiful image of one thousand images

I remember everything about us

the beautiful things

and the ugly

I remember who we were

I remember what has broken us

I remember what has strengthened us

and God I love you more and more every day

There may be days I don’t like you so much

but man-I take one look at you and I am reminded of what a fool I am

I am so in love with you

I remember our first Valentines day

I didn’t think I could ever love you more

I’m so happy I was wrong

I’m so happy our Valentine’s days get better with each passing year

I can’t wait for next Valentines day

I can’t wait to watch you raise our little one

I can’t wait to build more memories with you

Happy Valentines day my Gorgeous girl

I can’t wait to see you tonight




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