Fertility Surprises – Part 4 – The Transfer

So after I was all healed up from OHSS I was ready to transfer our little jelly bean over! The clinic had me start taking progesterone and estrogen to prepare for the embryo.

jelly bean 7
The progesterone needles have to go in your glute – so painful! So the doc game me some numbing cream and another IVF mama suggested this buzzy bee – it has an ice pack and a vibrating body to help numb the tissue before the jab.

Thursday, November 9th: Driving up the day of the transfer we were so nervous and so excited, but I was also numb. This wall I had up wasn’t about to come down any time soon. When we got there I had to have a full bladder and could not pee until after the procedure.

My Doctors worked fast for me. They got me all suited up and ready to go. “Your embryo is very photogenic; It looks very very strong! I hope this works for you two.” As the embryologist came in, he handed me a photo of our embryo and said, “wow, that is one healthy looking embryo.” I couldn’t help but laugh. This all felt so weird.

Here he/she/it is! The healthy, strong, photogenic embryo! 😛

I was so nervous to pee after – I felt like I was going to shoot the thing out. But our Dr. laughed and said, “Its like a raisin inside of a peanut butter sandwich.” Whattttttt? Has anyone ever tried that? So weird.


Peed and went home to rest for the weekend.

They had me doing the intramuscular injections every night – so incredibly painful. So they switched my needle to a smaller one because I’m pretty petite.

Seriously – look at this size difference! WTF?!?!

I took it easy that weekend, but by no mean was on bed rest.

I did a lot of silly things like

-only drink warm liquids

-kept my socks on at all times

-kept my uterus warm

-didn’t lift anything

-no chocolate

-no caffeine

-no raw veggies

-no ice cream or cold foods

and I sure as hell held on tight to my little Maori fertility dude that week

little dude.JPG3
This little dude was hand carved for me by a dear friend

They told me I had to wait 10 days to test to see if I was pregnant, but I felt like Phoebe from friends after she had her IVF transfer. She went home and took a pregnancy test an hour later. Now let me smash that theory – that would never happen that fast.

I waited 5 days to test. I took the test Tuesday night and thought I saw a faint line but there were plenty of times during our IUI process so I just went to bed.

In the morning I tested again – this time I could defiantly see the line. So I snuck downstairs before Tori got up and set up her black vans, and put baby black vans on top of hers with the positive pregnancy test.

jelly bean2
So cute right?!?! I know you can barley see the second line in this photo, but its there!

Tori came down, looked at it, looked at me, and was so lame. “Really?” she asked so nonchalant.


She had a hard time processing it.

Two days later I took another test. jelly bean3


Tori still was not getting excited.

a positive!!!!

Does THIS test help?!?!

She was a little more excited to see this one come up positive.

We went and told my parents that morning because I was too excited to hold it back from them, and if I ended up having a miscarriage I would need their support.

jelly bean5

A couple days later we had our first beta – and two days after that we had our second – both beta numbers were so high I suspected twins!

jelly bean 6

Our numbers showed strong growth. Now we just had to wait until our first ultrasound. about 3 weeks away!

Everything was so exciting and so surreal… until I started bleeding

…. to be continued


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