Fertility Surprises – Part 3 OHSS

The first thing that comes up when you google “OHSS” is from Wikipedia

“Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a medical condition affecting the ovaries of some women who take fertility medication to stimulate egg growth. Most cases are mild, but rarely the condition is severe and can lead to serious illness or death.” 


That’s how I felt though. Like death.

After I hung up the phone with my Dr. things got worse fast. I literally couldn’t take a breath without feeling like my heart was going to explode.

So we got in the car and drove to the nearest hospital.

I don’t remember much except being heavily loaded with morphine and it not touching the pain. I needed to be at a 90 degree angle, sitting upright, or I felt like I was going to pass out because the pain was so intense.

The nurses did a bunch of tests, and then something lead them to go from calm and collected to frantically trying to get me into a CT scan. Unfortunately, you have to lay down flat for a CT scan and I was not cooperating. I remember all the nurses yelling at me, the doctor came down and told me if I didn’t get in the CT scan he would walk away from my case because there is nothing more they can do for me. He told me that this scan could save my life, they were worried that I was bleeding internally.

Long story short I ended up getting into the CT scan after I was given some weird numbing cocktail to drink.

No bleeding

They sent me home.

A few hours after being home my mom called for an ambulance because I was getting worse.

I spent the night at woman and infants where they treated me like garbage and I was discharged because my blood pressure was “too low” and they couldn’t do anything else for me.

I was back in the hospital 2 times over the next 3 days.

I couldn’t get our of bed for probably 5 more days.

The only photos I have during this time frame is of our puppies keeping me company in bed.

The fertility clinic canceled my embryo transfer and told me that 7 embryos would be frozen for me for next month.

All I had to do was wait to feel better – they warned me it probably wouldn’t be until I got my period. I think I was better a full 16 days after my egg retrieval.

OHSS is no joke.

So when I finally got my period I was relived and feeling hopeful that this cycle would be the one where we could transfer our strongest embryo over.

….. to be continued 🙂


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