Fertility Surprises – Part 2 IVF

Oh man! Thank you all so much for the outpouring support from my last post about fertility! It defiantly isn’t easy or fun, but very much worth it.


So I left you guys hanging with the IVF news

We did decide to go ahead and move forward with IVF. It was another long process, but one we both felt was necessary to take.

The first part of the process started with me starting… get this… BIRTH CONTROL! Whatttt?!?! It was so strange- they wanted to “shut down my ovaries” before kick starting them. I stayed on BC for 2 weeks and when I came off they started me on my first set of injections.

HOW OVERWHELMING!!! This was the first shipment of meds – this isn’t even all of it! 

What a freaking scary day! The first injection wasn’t too bad, just freaky… Right into my stomach. As the days progressed I ended up adding more needles and more pills to my daily routine. Hormones – Hormones – Hormones. I honestly don’t think it effected me too too much, but the overactive thoughts in my head kept me up at night. I’m an over thinker and it leads to bad anxiety, so I think the hormones effected that more than anything else…. except for the day I had an amazing latte from our local cafe.

Whatever. It was really good and my barista loves me 🙂

Then there was the bruising from the shots and the swelling of my belly :/ This photo does the battle scars NO justice. When you zoom in there’s about 42 swollen spots and bruises on my belly :O ivf4

Super fun! But the best part was the monitoring. Remember in the last post I talked about the every other day monitoring? Blood work and internal ultrasounds – yep – had to do that again. But its all going to be worth it right? In just a few days they would take my eggs and I would be 5 days away from my transfer.


The needles got a bit bigger… okay a lot bigger.

So I went in for monitoring one morning and they noticed my estrogen levels had skyrocketed! They took a look at my eggies (Normally a woman produces one egg follicle a month – they wanted me to produce 4 or more) and I had a bunch that were ready so they scheduled my egg retrieval for the following morning. They also advised me to take a medication to slow my hormone production down. Apparently my body was reacting too “well” to the medication.

On the day of the retrieval I was a mess. I was so scared because I know they put you to sleep while they grab all the eggies. They insert this ridiculously long needle through the wall of your vagina into your ovaries and suck out all the eggs. Tori had switched shifts so she could be with me for the procedure and we got on the road an hour early – only to hit Boston traffic. We were running SOOO late!

My sister is great 😀


So I went in and they took me back to get all hooked up before Tori could come back. I started crying I was so nervous. I’m not sure why I get so freaked out about anesthesia, but it really freaks me out. I just remember the nurse realizing I was about to have a full blown panic attack and I watched her push some of the anesthetic into my IV – I just remember laughing and then waking up with Tori next to me.

About 10 minutes after waking up I realized I was in a LOT of pain. They gave me something magic and I was better… for 10 minutes …. then it hurt again.

“We retrieved 19 eggs! Congrats! We will call you in a few days and let you know how many of those grow into healthy embros. You should expect a decent percentage to not make it. ”

19 freaking eggs?!??!?!


Walking to the car I was hunched over. I was in so much pain. The nurse said most people don’t even feel it after the retrieval so I was feeling like a wimp.

The car ride home was excruciating. Every bump caused misery. 1 hour and 20 minutes of trying to fight back the tears.

By the time we got home Tori had to rush to get ready for work and my mom came over to look after me because I was still in so much pain.

An hour later I could hardly breath and I couldn’t move without crying.

We called my Dr.

Apparently she had a feeling that I was developing something called OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome) Click the link – its terrible. Basically the medication did “too good of a job” and my ovaries were in overdrive. The pain is normal for OHSS and there is a medication to slow OHSS down.  She also instructed me to go to the hospital if it got worse.

Well it did… much much worse.

….. to be continued.

I’ll save the OHSS experience for next week 🙂

Again, feel free to ask any questions at the bottom of the page! I love hearing from you guys!


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