Fertility Surprises – The First of Many

Oh man what a trip the past year has been – and I know all of you are wondering what in the world we went through to get to this point in our lives. I’m always saying I am an open book, so commence the sharing.


Around December 2016 Tori and I started talking babies. (Lets be real – we had been talking babies since the second date, but we were talking for real! RIGHT NOW)

We had a couple of friends who went to a particular fertility Dr. in Mass. and they got pregnant on the first try! Go them! They have a healthy baby girl now ❤ yayay!

So we took our asses right up to that same Dr. and told her we were ready!

Jeeze were we in for a whirl wind of a ride! We thought it was going to be a snap. We were so filled with hope. So filled with love. So ready to bring this bubba into the world.

We had to pick a donor out – and we had to do a bunch of screening to make sure both us us were healthy individuals. We even had to meet with a therapist to make sure we understand what it meant to have a donor…. it was so strange. Anyway, when we finally had all of our ducks up in a row the Dr. gave us the go ahead!

Every morning after my period ended I peed on these ovulation sticks that would let me know when I ovulated. Once I did I could call and make an appt. for our IUI transfer (Where the fertility nurse puts the donor sperm  right into my uterus)

*February 3rd we had our first IUI

Tori and I went bowling with my family that night – no one knew – we were so full of passion and excitement.

The IUI failed.

It was the most crushed I was in this whole process. I can’t speak for Tori, but it took a toll on her as well. I think after that I built a small wall.

Onto March – We scheduled and IUI and the morning I was supposed to go in for the transfer I woke up with my period. We went in for more testing and I was diagnosed with an ovulation disorder where I don’t ovulate every month. So our Dr. put me on a medication to help me ovulate every month. My security wall grew a little taller and thicker.

*April  11th – Our Second IUI (First Medicated IUI)

Failed – The wall grew a little more.

May  – Peeing on sticks every morning to have never Ovulated – that wall kept growing

After May’s let down I honestly can’t give you dates anymore. All I can tell you is that it was one big heart break and blur.

They tried something called “Monitored IUI” This is where they jacked up the meds I was talking and did internal ultrasounds and blood work every OTHER day until I had a follicle that was ready to be fertilized. It was exhausting. Emotionally and physically.

Lets cut to the chase.

4 failed IUIs later I was heart broken. Tori and I were both over stressed, and it was defiantly putting a wedge between us. These months were some of the hardest and most heartbreaking months to go through. To make matters worse, not many people knew, so we couldn’t really talk about it.

Our Dr. told us that our best bet was to do IVF – This is where the “test tube babies” come from. Thank GOD for science because we now have our little bun in the oven!

…….. to be continued

I’ll save our IVF journey for next week 🙂

Feel free to ask any questions at the bottom of the page! I’m a pretty open book!




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