Count My Freckles

I never make the first move

I wait for it

When I am receiving affection I give ten fold

I love it when she comes to me and just reaches for my hand

or kisses me for no reason

I love it when she makes eye contact and shyly looks away with a giggle in her smile

She gave me the green light

Go Kiss Her

Go Cuddle Her

She wants you just as much as you want her

Its okay

All that hurt that you’ve been through – she is not that hurt

I was told I get a little too invested in relationships

Call me old fashioned then

To me relationships aren’t just about “play”

They are about finding for your soulmate and learning about life along the way

I want someone who is as invested as me

Someone who puts in the daily effort to show me just how much I’m cherished

Because God knows

I wouldn’t stay unless I was just as invested

Maybe I need a little more reassurance than other girls

but if you know me

You know how forgiving I am

Which others have taken advantage of

Now I’m broken

and I don’t want to be fixed

This is me

Take the time to learn me

Understand me

Take the time to get to know what each scar along my body means

Love me for my broken pieces

Love me for missing pieces

Help me believe again

Love me in the way I need 

The way I crave 

Never stop making the first move

Art by @yaoyaomva 


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