Spring Cleaning with Annie

I was recently given a bottle of Annie’s Pure and Simple to try at home and blog about! Yay! I love these types of blogs! Samples for me, and honest reviews for my readers! (And sometimes freebies for you too! I always try to swing that for your guys!) 

An all purpose GREEN cleaner!?!?! Annie’s hooked me! I have two dogs who lick the tile floor ALL day! I am always looking for safer products for them and our earth. Annie’s Pure and Simple only has two ingredients : distilled vinegar and organic essential oils. What’s not to love about those ingredients?!

When I was given Annie’s Pure and Simple to try, I had a choice between four different scents, Lemon, Orange, Lavender, and Peppermint. LEMON is always my go to! It always smells so fresh and summery! When I took my first whiff I immediately wanted to start cleaning the WHOLE kitchen! It smelt exactly like my Nana’s kitchen growing up; so clean you could EAT off the floors!

So I did just that, I went home and had a spritzing party! My kitchen island, stove, microwave, sink, I even did the floors! The whole house smelt amazing!  Then it was off to my bathrooms. My counter tops, toilet, tub…… and then came the real test, the mirrors. Ugh! Every Green “all purpose” cleaner I’ve used in the past has always left streaks! I would say I held my breath as I tried the mirrors, but the truth is the cleaner smells so good I was probably deep breathing!


A few days later I found myself trying to finish some old cleaners we had in the house so we wouldn’t waste money, but truthfully, all I wanted to use was Annie’s.

It’s been 2 months since I started using Annie’s Pure and Simple and I STILL LOVE IT! Just a little shake and spray and your off to the races with a fresh smelling, streak free, GREEN cleaner!

Check out Annie’s Pure and Simple here and also check out her Facebook page too!

About two weeks after I was given my bottle of Annie’s cleaner I was able to sit down and talk to Annie herself! What an amazing woman! Annie is so full of life and love! She is endlessly compassionate with a real joy and drive to take care of our earth! She even has a recycling program for her bottles! Her dream is to have a store one day where people can come and refill their empty bottles! She also chooses to buy bottles that are food grade quality so her buyers can reuse them in their own homes for whatever they’d like!

You can find Annie’s Pure and Simple Cleaners at participating Whole Foods Near you! If you need help getting your hands on a bottle reach out and we’ll make sure to get a bottle of goodness over to you!



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