Five years ago- Passenger side, driving to work, listening to rock and roll, not knowing I was leaving soon, I snapped this photo. This Island pulls my heart strings. So far away, yet it feels so close. I miss it every day. I was never one to believe in past lives, but after connecting and living in the Polynesian culture, there’s no doubt in my mind where my past life was rooted. New Zealand may not have been the island I was from, but there is not doubt that I am rooted somewhere in those Islands.

My experience in New Zealand was life changing. I went through some pretty awakening stuff during my time there. I had life lifting moments, and heartbreaking moments. I think the biggest heartbreak of New Zealand was the fact that when I left to come back home, I thought I was coming back to visit my family, and returning to New Zealand in a month. I had no idea that when I came home I wouldn’t be going back. As I write this I can feel my heart in my stomach and my breaths change as they try to adjust to the weight on my chest. I write this with so much sadness because truthfully, I’m not sure when I will get back.

One of the nice things is that I keep in touch with the friends I made while I was living there. I was chatting with one of my friends this morning and talking about how fast time goes by, and how much we both have changed! It’s so true!

5 years have passed since my feet have been on the soil there. 5 years have passed since I have been back in America. 5 years since my life was uprooted and replanted. 


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