Do what you can – Where you are – With what you have

Ah — I love that quote from Theodore Roosevelt… What an inspiring post to start off March with!

SO much is going on all around us. SO much chaos but SO many opportunities to stop and enlighten yourself too.

Why does it matter if that guy just cut you off? Are you safe? Is your family safe? Then there is no need to give that stranger ANY more of your energy… he just stole so much already.

So someone talks crap about you at work? Let it go. Never give up on being the bigger person.

Walk tall.

Chin up.

Smile at everyone that walks by you, even if they roll their eyes.

Don’t ever stop trusting the divine plan.




Say Yes!

Never stop loving.



Save yourself first. You can’t save anyone else before yourself or else you’ll be the one to run out of oxygen.

Keep an open heart, but make sure your mind stays sharp. There are people in this world who have been so hurt their goal is to hurt everyone around them; in return love them.

Remember to invest. Invest in your own health first, and in your happiness. Money can’t buy back health and it can’t buy back happiness, but it can buy tools to invest in both, so INVEST!

Love. Love. Love. Never stop loving. When you get hurt, love. When you are full of love, love! When someone doesn’t deserve your kindness, love!

Sleep and recharge! DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR IT! If you need to spend two days on the couch DO IT! Get your shit together and get on that couch! But make sure you have a plan. Recharge and then GET UP! Don’t become the couch!

Lastly, Never ever give up! There is a mess of a world out there and it needs more people like us to save it! If you give up now, you give up on the world around you too. If you are in a rut and are having a hard time doing something that makes YOU happy, go out and try to turn someones day around. Or turn a dogs day around! (or a cat … bunny… parrot… fish…whatever) Take your bum down to the shelter and make one of those guys happy!

Tell me in the comments below what makes you happy! What are you planning on doing this March? Spring is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited!

Lots of Light and Love to you all!




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