When Your Brain Takes a Vacation with Medicinal Mushrooms

It has been too long. I’m sorry! I’m going to try and start writing weekly again! It seems my brain has left my body! That leaves zero room for anything! Life has been pretty boring on our end of the universe! No crazy stories today, so I figured I would tell you about one of my favorite favorite heath products at the moment.

Talking about health, I always get questions about the “hippie” scene… ugh! Let me just tell you one thing, don’t use that phrase lightly…it bugs me so much! Just because someone eats healthy and puts a flower headband in their hair does NOT make them a hippie! Hippies stand strong in what they believe, they are 100% anti-violence and typically anti-government. They have outstanding morals, which set them apart from the “norm” AND they are just all around extraordinary people!

Anyhoo…. back to the health scene 🙂 If you have bumped into me any time between a month before my wedding and now, I have probably talked your ear off about medicinal mushrooms. They are my absolute favorite , and no, they do not make you trip balls! (Because they have no psychoactive effects) Medicinal Mushies are 100% okay to take at work, at home, babysitting, driving, etc… They are solely working on your body and soul ( See what I did there ;p ).

I have always suffered from anxiety. Over the years, I have had bouts of it getting better, and bouts of it getting much, much worse! A month or so before our wedding, everything started going wrong. I was loosing it. My stress levels were through the roof and I had zero idea what to do about it. That’s when I remembered reading about this small company in Australia a year or so back. I did a heap of research, invested a little, and a few weeks later SuperFeast showed up on my doorstep and changed my life!

I ordered three or four products from their line ( I think I pretty much have the whole line now haha!) but I was most excited to try Mason’s Mushrooms! Mason is the founder of Superfeast and created this blend of  mushroom madness!  I was thrilled when they finally arrived! I quickly opened the beautiful glass miron jar, and a small poof of the powdered mushrooms entered the air . All I could smell was the earthiness of the mushrooms! I was so excited and also super hesitant.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that the first time I took the mushrooms I noticed a difference- because I didn’t. To be honest I didn’t really notice anything different at all. I was so busy with the wedding that my brain was on overdrive. It wasn’t until the day before the wedding that I noticed I wasn’t having a meltdown. I wasn’t panicking about what I may have forgotten, or paranoid that some crazy drama would unfold, nope, I was perfectly happy. Calm, cool, and collected.  I asked Tori if she felt the same because she was also taking Mason’s Mushrooms daily with her coffee. She agreed. Calm, cool, and collected.

Lets fast forward… um… jeez, 5 months now, Tori and I have bought pretty much the entire Superfeast line and we LOVE it! We don’t take them every singe day, we listen to our body and give it what it asks for.

For instance, I get crazy stressed at work and frequently burn myself out, so I take He Shou Wu to help keep my adrenals nice and full! (This is honestly my favorite herb in the line)

Or another instance, Tori often wakes up feeling super sore from her Pilates class, so she adds some Cordyceps to her brew.

I was just typing the rest of my favorites out and realized I had pretty much listed their entire line. Head over to their website WWW.SUPERFEAST.COM.AU and check out all of their amazing stuff! If you have any questions, reach out to the team- they are all amazing! Shout out to Tahnee and Mason (and Ayia) xoxo! Also, if you’d like to know anything else about my experience with Superfeast, or if I have tried one of their products please feel free to email me at earthymamasinfo@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you and hear your experiences!

Also, I will be giving away a sample of Mason’s Mushrooms to one of my readers! Just repost this blog and let me know where I can find it!

Lastly, my lovely readers, is there anything you’d like me to blog about? Feel free to ask me anonymous questions at https://ask.fm/earthymamas ! I can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Much Light and Love,





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