Falling for You – Thanksgiving 2012 

I remember Thanksgiving 2012 like yesterday. I woke up the morning of still in my dress from the night before, drunk as can be with zombie make up on. Zombie Prom was fun…. but oh what a fail.

Zombie Prom — Tori was there.. and from what she has told me that night one of the girls in our tight knit circle told her that I was crushing on her… ( Thanks Sam! Big Mouth :p No but really… THANK YOU! It was the best thing you could have ever done for me and I’ll never be able to repay you <3)                                                                                                                        I was totally crushing hard ~ but I also was still in a mess of broken marionette strings with my ex. so it was complicated…. and from what I have heard about that night… well it wasn’t good, and the amount of alcohol I consumed did me the gracious favor of wiping my memory that night. However, I do remember one thing, running around the bar with Tori’s hat in my hand and laughing like a child as she chased me.

The next morning wasn’t so great. Waking up hung over and receiving texts of the stupid things I had done the night before. On the flip side, I kept replaying those childish giggles in my head. The way she made me laugh. I hadn’t laughed like that in years. 

Thanksgiving went on like normal as my phone blew up like normal. (You see, our tight knit group of 9 girls all had 1 group chat that was ALWAYS going on. ) This thanksgiving was a little different though, because my Dad believed I could “will” away my shellfish allergy. So he dared me to try JUST one shrimp. I told my girls via text that I loved them just in case I died…. I was obviously joking. ( I ended up throwing up within 4 minutes of swallowing it and having to take a high dose of benydryl)

These were some of the responses from my girls… and there was that giggle again, it’s like I knew right then that I would spend forever with her. It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago I spent thanksgiving falling in love with my now WIFE! And today we are spending our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple ❤️️
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


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