Day 8 – Last Full Day in Maui

To be honest, after last nights episode with the crazy lady my mind turned off.

I was so sick, so freaked out about last night, and so over it. All we wanted to do was get home to our puppies and get me to my Doctor.

There were a handful of things we wanted to do, but two both of us agreed we couldn’t miss.

1- Small Beach – this is a small nudist beach that is right next to Big Beach (they are so clever with the names huh)

2- A Luau – we booked this while having lunch.

We packed most of our things last night after Alexus went crazy so today we could relax.

When we got to Big & Little beach we were amazed at how beautiful the Island was! We certainly stayed on the WRONG SIDE OF MAUI! Freeeeef!  No good!

Big beach was beautiful, with the softest sand!

When we got to the “entrance” of little beach we both looked at each other and started our climb to the top of this little cliff. Once we got to the top we were greeted with a view of lots and lots of naked people!

We walked over to this gorgeous tree on the beach and I stripped down right away – I’m not shy 😛 Tori on the other hand wasn’t about it and was giving the most stern look to anyone who looked my way. ( Gosh I love how protective she is over me <3)


I did, however, finally convince her to strip down! We went for  a walk along the tide and found a small spot to look for shells. This was my second favorite part of our trip ( The Road to Hana was y first) but this moment with her was the fist moment we had that felt like we were on our honeymoon. I want to go back and do it all over – take 2. img_8102

When we realized we had spent a little too much time at the beach we started to pack up to head to our Luau. I check my phone to see what time the Luau was, and guess what, yup! It was canceled! Are you kidding me?!?!!? WTFFFFF

Letting it go – “Want to see if Mama’s Fish House serves take out?”

They didn’t, but surprisingly they had ONE cancellation for 6:30!


We stayed at Little Beach a little longer – then the sky started to Gray

As we headed back to our condo to change we stopped for some fresh coconut and apple bananas. I looked over at my now WIFE who was devouring her little apple bananas, and though, ” This is what a honeymoon is supposed to feel like! God I am so blessed and I am so in love with this woman!”

Later that night we left to head to our reservations. We planned on stopping in Paia to do some souvenir shopping for ourselves, but by the time we got there it was down pouring, go figure. So we went straight to Mama’s  Fish House. When we arrived we were walking inside (thankfully under an umbrella) and sat at the bar while we waited for our table. We met the nicest people while we were waiting and I can’t for the life of me remember their names, I just know they lived in Washington and had the sweetest love story about how her husband proposed right outside Mama’s Fish House some years ago. So sweet ❤ While we were chatting with them the rain started coming down a little harder and there just so happened to be a leak in the ceiling …. right above us :/  and then iPhone alarms stated going off across the restaurant- “FLASH FLOOD WARNING” great!

Thankfully it didn’t get too bad.

We had our dinner which was the appetizer we had last time we were here. The most yummy thing I’ve ever had! So we both had one to ourselves. I’m pretty sure I ate that in record time. Tori was still on her first bite as I slurped up the last of mine!

As we headed out for the night we were given an umbrella to walk to our car. It kept collapsing on us. It was hilarious. There was so much laughter walking to our car. Everything… and I mean EVERYTHING was going wrong, but my love, well she made the ride so worth it ❤


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