Maui- Day 6 – Sea Turtles?!

SOOOO last night before heading off to bed we decided tomorrow we should wake up bright and early, watch the sunrise, and go snorkeling! So we went online, booked ourselves an excursion, and went to bed.

We woke up bright and early, which was super hard for me, because my body was so sick, all I wanted to do was sleep! We watched the gorgeous sun rise as we drove to our boat! When we got to the correct address we drove around looking at about 30 different boats, none of which had our boats name. “Did we just get scammed?!?!” This, of course, was the first thing to popped into my head. I opened my email and check our confirmation one more time… oh>>> LOOK >>> ARE YOU KIDDING ME! An email from 2:30 am addressing the fact that our scuba session had to be canceled due to a large group cancellation. GREAT!

Annoyed I started bitching and another guy on a different boat said, “HEY! We have room on our boat if you would like to come?!”
I looked at Tori – She looked at me.


We jumped on the boat, filled out some paper work and off we went!

These are the only photos we took while scuba diving because we were totally enjoying the moment~ annnnd we forgot to get an underwater camera or one of those things that protect your smart phones… but lets face it… the way our trip was going, if we HAD bought one of these iPhone protectors, it totally would have killed our phone!

When we got back to shore we were hungry! Of course everything they served on deck I was allergic to so I was in search of food! Somehow the shinny aquarium distracted me! We were REALLY looking forward to seeing sea turtles while we were’s snorkeling, and since we didn’t, we were hoping to see them at the aquarium!

After eating we decided to head back to the condo and take it easy. I really needed a nap and some soup which apparently is pretty hard to find!



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