Maui Condo and Car vs. Police Report (Part 1) Day 7

YUP – Like I promised, today’s blog is an interesting one!

So this morning we woke up bright and early again to go watch the sunrise on the extinct volcano Haleakalā (which means house of the sun). It was about an hour and 15 minute drive up in pitch black. I swear at times it was more scary than the Hana Highway because it was PITCH BLACK, and when you DID see over a ledge, it looked like a 200 ft drop! I think I honestly lost consciousness a couple of times because all of a sudden I would be waking up and didn’t even know I dozed off.

When we were about 15 minutes away from the summit we noticed cars lining up in front of us. Then we were approached by a few traffic guards who let us know the summit was “full” and we would have to park here and walk to the “third” summit.


So we walked in the 30 degree weather and stood and watched the sunrise. img_8069img_8063img_8068

It was breathtaking! We were actually so high we were above the cloud line and you can see so far out that you can see the peak of the “Big Island” of Hawaii. To make this experience even more unbelievable, what I assume was a field trip of school age kids, were singing some beautiful Polynesian chant. They did this for about 15 minutes until the sun peaked through the clouds! Once it did the older woman behind me kept yelling “over there it turns to GOLD when the sun hits it…img_8067

I didn’t see it.

Once everyone started walking away I ventured over to a peak I saw while Tori panicked! img_8071img_8070img_8072

Annnnnd back home we go! I was incredibly tired so we opted to go back and get some sleep.

I knocked right out when we got back to our stinky condo, but Tori didn’t have any luck. I slept for a solid 3 hours. Once I woke up we went for lunch and went to get some souvenirs for our family. We also decided to book a Luau for tomorrow.  The Luau wasn’t something we wanted to miss!

After we got back from shopping I was feeling lousy and asked my love if she wanted to go to the hot tub. She omitted, but accompanied me down. She was constantly worried that I was going to pass out. Apparently I didn’t look so hot today.

When we opened the gate to the pool immediately I had to urge to turn around because there were other people in the hot tub. I was feeling sick and achy and just wanted to soak in peace. I looked back at Tori who nudged me knowing I needed it.

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD — Teaser — To be continued ! There is just too much to write for this … um… lady I met in the Hot Tub — her name was “Alexus”…. I should have known…

until next time lovely


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