4 Staples (Graphic Content)

So pardon me for not writing for a while! As some of you know both my lovely wife and I have been out of work. She has a neck injury from a patient acting out, and me well I have 4 staples in my head! Ouch! I have been soaking up my time with my lady ❤

We pulled out the pull out couch and we basically lived on it for the past week binge watching Naked and Afraid — our new guilty pleasure! So excuse me for falling off the face of the earth and soaking up my time with my amazing wife!

SO… how did I end up with 4 staples in my head??? Lets see….

I came home Tuesday night after work to make Tori’s favorite Lemon Wine dish. I walked in the door, put my stuff down, and greeted my fur babies img_8511

Then I walked into the kitchen and Tori was talking to me for about 3 seconds before I realized I was almost stepping on Leo’s paw. I tried to avoid the paw and fell over backwards smashing into the corner of the door frame! I heard a snap and Tori RAN over to me. I think that’s when I knew it was really bad because normally she just laughs at how clumsy I am.

I held onto my head like like cracked it right and half and if I let go my brain would pop out! Then I felt warmth dripping down my chest…. I was bleeding…. and not just a little. You see the thing about head wounds is they heal fast, but boy oh boy do they BLEED! Tori immediately dialed 9-1-1 as I freaked out and bossed her around to get the house and dogs ready for us to leave for the ER.

Long story short – I cracked it pretty good.. and I ended up with an Intern who had never used a staple gun before. I ended up with 6 total staples and needed 2 removed because…. SHE DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE A STAPLE GUN ! Mind you – about an hour prior, when I was told that I would need staples I had FULL blown panic attack. You would think the Dr. would do the staples himself to make it as quick and painless as possible… but what do I know? Anywayyyy this was the worst! BUT my wife has been amazing! She helped me wash all the blood out of my head the next day. I swear this took forever! There was so so much blood and I have so so much hair! YIKES! img_8624


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