Day 5-The Road to Hana

September 10, 2016

So we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. We both miss the dogs like crazy at this point, but with the bed all to ourselves we realized that we just don’t cuddle as much as we used to because Leo is like the Great Wall of China separating Tori and I. So we spent a good part of our morning all nuzzled up. My wife! I just can’t come to terms with how blessed I am to call her my wife!

Yesterday while we were exploring twin falls, we realized we had to drive the first couple of miles on “The Road to Hana.” We had heard about this road before. It was considered one of the top 8 most dangerous roads in the world. There are crazy sharp turns, mudslides (and no…. not the good kind), and falling rocks/ boulders!  Now let’s go back to BEFORE we left for our Honeymoon. Both Tori and I had a bad feeling about this trip, and my uncle had shown us a picture at our wedding of when he tried to do the Road to Hana. Let’s just say the car in front of him didn’t make it…. And he had a picture to prove it! When Tori and I both fessed up to having a bad feeling we decided to take the Road to Hana off of our list of “Things to Do.”


IT. WAS. SO. BEAUTIFUL. And all the locals talk about the amazing trip! So when we finally dragged our asses out of bed we started weighing the pros and cons.

After breakfast I realized that my throat WASN’T SORE ANYMORE! YES! One for the win! I had bought this super awesome organic medicinal honey and herb mixture the day before and it was WORKING! My ears felt pretty blocked up but hey, I am starting to feel better! So YES! Let’s do it! Let’s see the beauty everyone is talking about!!!

As soon as we started on this journey, we knew we had made the right decision. We stopped at the Kū’au store just to pick up some munchies and a fun “Road to Hana travel guide / musical,” CD. This was awesome because they all along the road to Hana they talked about all the different stops along the way and the history of the road. It also had commentary as if we jumped on journey with a couple of local crazies! It was awesome, however, with the altitude frequently changing and my inability to equalize my ears, I realized just how big of a role my blocked ears were going to play!

Let me tell you something, the road is so twisty and turny! There are cliffs and waterfalls in all directions. It is like driving through a jungle. The road is so narrow that at points only one car can fit, so there is a lot of yielding and around 600 hair pin turns! The locals drive like A- holes and to make matters worse—- the day we decided to go…. THERE WAS THE “RUN TO HANA!” so we were not only sharing an extremely narrow road with other cars and bicyclists, but runners too!


We made a few stops along the 3-hour drive to Hana, and each sight was breathtaking! I want to go back so bad just to do the Road to Hana again! Once we arrived in Hana we realized THERE IS NOTHING THERE! I was expecting like a small city, nope. We just continued down one road with very little housing or stores. We did drive up next to a place we could feed our growling bellies so we stopped before we turned back around to head home. Here’s the only photo we have of Hana….and frankly the only reason we took it was because that bird was being cool AF!


One of the stops we made was to Wai’ anapanapa State Park. It was BEAUTIFUL! We hiked through some fun areas, but my favorite was the cave! Read this sign right before heading into the cave! img_7956

img_7965img_7966look at my goofy wife! Shes the best ❤ img_7967img_7968

And on the way back we stopped at this awesome Dairy Free Ice Cream stop called Coconut Glen’s !  This was by far the best ice cream around, however, I was in SO much pain with my ears, all I wanted to do was get back to a level ground where I could equalize!

Anyhoooo today was the BEST day! By far the best thing in Maui!


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