Day 3: Maui Condo and Car vs. People trying to Honeymoon… and Sand Turtles… and Famous People!

September 8.2016

So we woke up this morning with hope and frustration and I woke up with an extra sore throat. I honestly was so worried that I had strep throat at this point because it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass! As Tori made breakfast I decided to do a bit more cleaning and run the sheets in the wash again. As I was cleaning I walked over to the AC unit and noticed… MOLD…AGAIN! ugh!!!! THIS IS WHY I AM GETTING SO SICK! Anytime we were in the condo I felt like death, and anytime we were out and about I only half felt like death :p We both knew that we would have to make our way back to TjMaxx and return the mislabeled sheets and get new sheets, but we wanted to spend some time just relaxing on the beach so we left the moldy condo and walked down to the beach.

As you can see  in the above picture,we made this really awesome sea turtle out of sand and I made a sand mustache that Tori thought was hilarious. img_7701

I learned my lesson real fast! Sandy mustache = sand in mouth = gross sensation between teeth = misery! We wrapped up quickly after the sand stash and went to go get our wedding nails off. They were driving us crazy!

Once we started walking we realized we were standing right across from a nail salon, so boom! Off we went in our bikinis and all. When we walked in IMMEDIATELY I noticed the woman getting her toes done! “BABE!!!! I think that’s Rochelle Aytes!”


“Rochelle Aytes!” I whispered again. “April Molloy from Mistresses!”

“OH SHIT! Really?!?!”


She looked so different but so much more beautiful in person. On mistresses she almost always has her hair flattened out, but naturally she has beautiful ethnic curls and she wasn’t wearing make up so we couldn’t be too sure, but when she spoke up to say something, WE WERE SURE!

It took me almost the entire time to say something to her,  I was so star struck. When I finally did go over and talk to her, she was the nicest person ever! She too was on her honeymoon. Her and her husband had gotten married the Sunday before Tori and I! GAH! Could our luck be turning around?

After we left we went to this AMAZING little place called Coconuts where they had the best fish tacos, fish and chips, rice bowls, and the most AH-MAZING french fries! yum! Right next door we grabbed some spicy fresh squeezed lemonade… also


Then we ventured back to TjMaxx, Whole Foods, and Target.We bought sheets, a new blanket, and some towels… AND an air purifier. Not to mention more detergent because we had used the small on we bought at the beginning of the trip on the 7 washes we had to do on the still stinky sheets. We also bought washing machine cleaner because that too smelt like a nasty laundromat.  That target receipt came to $370!  Honestly, who wants to go buy freaking supplies for the condo you rented while you were away?! I’m still so mad! (You’ll see in future posts when I asked for a refund for our stay I was denied and blocked from reviewing Maui Condo and Car.)

[insert disgusted face here]

I actually emailed Maui Condo and Car that day to tell them we were still uncomfortable. Here’s the email I sent Maui Condo and Car

Hello! We are very appreciative of you moving us to a new condo, and we have been trying to accommodate ourselves, but we are still very uncomfortable. Although the condo is clean, there is a very potent detergent smell on all fabrics. We have made a couple trips to buy new sheets and pillows, but the smell is very strong. We have also made numerous attempts to wash and re wash these fabrics.We feel like we must spend the majority of our day/night out because when we go back to the condo both our allergies and asthma kicks in. While we are out both symptoms are fine. I’m not really sure what to do from here because you have been so gracious and understanding, but the reason we rented a condo was so we could spend time relaxing in it and we feel like we are not able to do so 😦

I forgot to mention the mold in the Ac unit, or the fact that the hot water lasted about 6 minutes. Shame on me. Honestly, I’m too kind hearted and felt bad voicing up on how uncomfortable we were. I should have insisted he move us again. I should have never allowed myself to spend over $500 on that condo just to “hope” it gets better.

Here is Maui Condo and Car’s Response

Aloha Alicia, I’m not sure what we can do for you from here. Have you left the windows open when the condo is vacant to attempt to air the condo out? [umm… yes? I’m not stupid] In some circumstances, we’ll have our cleaners use vinegar and water when cleaning prior to a guest stay if a guest reports that they have any fragrance sensitivity or allergies, but without such a request, [I’m sorry I have never stayed at a hotel or condo where they used anything but a basic, cheap, unscented laundry detergent. There isn’t a sensitivity, I feel like using unscented detergent at a hotel or condo is common courtesy. Didn’t know I needed to Request such a thing! ] it’s within reason to use standard cleansers such as 409, Windex, laundry detergents, and even at times Febreeze (although most of our cleaners avoid using Febreeze). I have an air ionizer we could drop off, if you think it would help. I can drop it off tomorrow (it’s currently being used in a condo that recently had a flood). It might help. Natalie, my operations manager, also suggested that when you wash your new sheets, you put them through an extra rinse cycle. Please let me know if dropping the ionizer off tomorrow would be helpful. [yes.. might as well bring it over… even though we just bought a $250 air purifier… anything will help.]

So I replied saying we would greatly appreciate it. I should have just asked for a refund then because this ended up ruining our trip.

By the time we were done shopping, it was getting late, so we grabbed a quick meal at Whole Foods and headed back to the condo. We unpacked everything, set up the air purifier, grabbed our dinner bowls from Whole Foods, and walked over to the beach to watch the sunset. Day two was over and tomorrow was my Birthday!





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