Save the Bees

Quick little side post – For anyone who has known me a while knows my old aim screen name / user name for everything use to be “leishabee” simply for my mere  obsession over bees. I’m not a bee keeper, although I do consider it sometimes, I’m simply just fascinated by them ❤

Bees give us 70 percent of the top 100 human food crops; fruits, nuts, and veggies. They are proudly responsible for about 80 percent of the worlds pollination. Without the bees, we would loose about 1/3 of our common every day foods. The foods that are helping America stay healthy, helping people eat right, and helping our children grow up strong and fit.

As you know I also LOVE Whole Foods Market. They started a campaign called Share The Buzz and posted these amazing photos of what our supermarkets would look like without our buzzy friends (see what I did there… buzzy… busy… insert laughing crying emoji here) Check it out Crazy huh?! 

Check out THIS video on the yummy foods we are obsessed with around this time of year and what it would be like with our our friendly little bumble bees ~

So lets all get together and help save the bees!

Buy local produce. Plant a lush garden. BUY ORGANIC! EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE!  Click Here To read up on EXACTLY whats causing this rapid be decline!


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