Day 2 : Maui Condo and Car vs. Clean People

So, we both started our first full day in Maui with a headache and me with an extra soar throat. The sheets smelt soo bad! The first thing we did when we jumped out of bed was throw those nasty things in the wash! We had bought baking soda and clean and clear detergent when we went to the store to wash our clothes…. thank God we did, because those sheets NEEDED TO BE WASHED! Then we went out to grab a bite to eat. We drove just a little ways and stumbled upon what looked like a hole in the wall place with a bunch of locals out front. We both thought it was a great idea to try it out so we did.They coffee was STRONG which is just what we needed!

As we sat eating out breakfast we discussed what we wanted to do for the day, and we both agreed, get that condo in tip top shape so that the rest of our trip we could relax! We googled a  TjMaxx close by and a Whole Foods, my two favorite stores. I was ready to take on that condo! The owner had messaged me while we were out to lunch and asked if we would like the housekeeper to stop and and clean up a bit, but we had all ready decided we were going to do it so we told him we were okay. Plus, both Tori and I are super softies  and felt like we had all ready caused enough ripples in the water so we didn’t voice up that we were still uncomfortable. Shame on us, we should have said something so it was at least documented.

We stopped back in the condo to change before heading out to do some shopping. I went to go change the wash and noticed that the sheets we had just washed STILL SMELLED! GROSS! So I sent them through a cycle again. We decided to kill some time and wait for the sheets to be done so we could throw them in the dryer before we left, so we started unpacking our clothes and doing some light cleaning. When the sheets were done I opened it up and YUP THEY STILL STANK! UGHHHHH!! So I started the wash AGAIN, this time throwing some extra baking soda and vinegar in! We didn’t want to waste anymore time in that condo so off we went.

We drove to TjMaxx and bought a new set of King sheets and some pillows. I know what your thinking, that we are CRAZY! Well… you didn’t smell these sheets and frankly I didn’t have high hopes!

We had an awesome Lunch at Whole foods and headed back to our condo. When we got back… Got figure… the sheets STILL SMELLED! So I gave up! I threw the sheets we had just bought in the wash and rolled my eyes. I noticed that every time we were in the condo my eyes were watering and my nose was itchy and the sneezing wouldn’t stop! We continued to clean and unpack. As my throat got itchier and more sore, we decided it was time to go grab stuff for dinner and a few more cleaners. We ended up stopping for giant shaved ice which was amazing and felt amazing on my throat. img_7694

Incredibly tired and worn down, we headed back to the condo with groceries to make dinner and relax. When we got back to the condo of course the first think I went to go do was change the new sheets so we could dry them and put nice new CLEAN sheets on our bed… when I took them out they felt incredibly small, “Tori, I don’t think these are King size sheets.” Sure enough they were labeled wrong… they were NOT king sheets. This meant we had to rewash the smelly ones and deal with another night of their stench.. WHICH WE DID! The 4th time washing them still did not do the trick. We went to bed in stinky sheets AGAIN!


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