Maui Condo and Car vs. Newlyweds who Just want to Shower – Landed and off To our Condo (Day 1)

So quick note. I was reviewing my blog the other day and realized one of my blogs had one missing…. what?! “Post has been deleted by owner,” UM YEAH RIGHT?!! This blog post was one of my more descriptive blogs and most in your face about how unclean Maui Condo and Car is…. I did not delete this post- meaning someone is hacking into my account somehow. I have no doubt that it is somehow connected to Maui Condo and Car, so I have now saved this post on my personal computer and will continue to re-post it. 

So we landed in Maui, we rushed off the vomit plane and rushed to get out of those clothes. I was in a terrible mood (I wonder why?!) and Tori had all these stories from the wonderful dog lady she got to sit next to. In my head all I wanted to do was kill her at this point because I still had the stench of vomit and Victoria’s Secret body spray in my nose. (Now Tori did offer to switch with me half way through the flight after her nausea went away, however, I was all ready roasting back there in a bad mood dealing with it. I didn’t want her to have to be in a bad mood too. I didn’t want to make the situation worse, so I just stayed at the back of the plane.)  We got our luggage and headed over to the rental car line.

When we got to the little Hertz hut there was a sign that said, “Please go to the back of the building to catch a trolley over to our facility.” So we walked around the building just in time… to see the trolley pull away, but no worries because by the looks of it a trolley pulls in every 30 seconds or so.

20 minutes later 

The Hertz trolley finally came back. We got on and got off and stood in line to get our rental. Tori and I were both EXHAUSTED but excited to pick up our little green eco car we had rented. It was about 2:00 Maui time, which was 8pm back home. When the lady finally called us up she told us that the car we rented would be too small for our trip. I insisted it wasn’t. She insisted the trunk was the size of her computer screen and we wouldn’t be able to fit anything in it. I stayed strong and asked for our key. She then told me if Tori wanted to drive  we would have to spend an additional $50 a day (yea right). ALSO, we would need to pay $47 a day for insurance… ummmm isn’t that if you DON”T have car insurance? I told them I was all set and I  trusted I was in good hands with Allstate :p

We walked over looking for our cute green eco car and found a bright red car instead. WHATEVER! I waived the white flag at this point. We opened the trunk and low and behold we fit both our carry on bags and both backpacks! The size of your computer screen my ass! We started driving away and as I was looking which way to turn a Hertz employee yelled, ” THE OTHERRRRRR WAY! CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGN?!?!”


Ugh WHATEVER! We were on our way to our little loft condo. Look at how adorable it is?! maui-condo-and-carWe were so excited to spend the night overlooking the ocean and cooking ourselves dinner, so we agreed to stop and pick up groceries so we could and make dinner tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning.

Then we drove up and down a single street looking for this condo. When we finally called they told us, “OHHH NO, thats our mailing address.” UGH!

When we finally got to the condo we checked in and loaded up a cart with all our stuff. When we walked in we were smacked in the face with humidity. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? When you go from outside to inside shouldn’t the humidity go away? We ignored the fact that the condo photos made the condo look wayyy bigger and went straight to the ac unit…. this is what we found…MOLD! All over the AC unit. The filter needed to be changed, AND there was a mandatory timer for the unit. You could only keep the AC in for 4 hours. WTF  are we going to do when we go to bed?! Set a 4 hour alarm to go turn the AC back on?!

When we went to explore more we found this….

oh my goodness! How disgusting!?!! UGH! Re- Writing this is grossing me out even more than the first time!

The Condo we rented had a gorgeous loft with a view of the ocean ❤ We imagined ourselves cooking dinner in our condo, relaxing, and watching the sunset. Obviously that plan was 100% out the window! There was not a chance in hell we were going to stay at that condo! We called Airbnb because … of course…. the front desk closed 7 minutes ago!

We knew we would be staying at a different place, so we called the hotel we were originally going to book with. They had no vacancies. We called around to a couple more hotels, and they either had no vacancies or they were doubled in price because it was Jazz Weekend…. Great… it looks like we are stuck here… or sleeping in our car.

Then, Airbnb got in touch with the owner of Maui Condo and Car who then called us. Lets call the owner “BOB” so he can stay anonymous … well BOB was “discussed” with the housekeeper and would Upgrade our room at a different condo for us! He apologized that this happened on our Honeymoon and assured us that we would be moved to a nicer unit.

When we arrived at the “Upgraded unit” the first thing we noticed was the “view” aka the parking garage… great! How could we go from and Ocean View with a loft to a view of the parking garage? Granted the actual condo itself was nicer, but to be frank, the room was CRAP!

Everything smelt like musty, over scented laundry…. AND the AC unit still had mold. Granted, there was not as much, but still moldy. When BOB came to our “Upgraded Unit” to see if we liked it, he let us know he came from his nightly run to “check in.” How were we supposed to tell this guy we were still unhappy?! UGH!

So we attempted to clean the sheets with the “free and clear” detergent we bought earlier that day.

That didn’t work. By the time it was done drying and we were using our fingers to keep our eyes open, we realized that smell was going to have to be washed, and washed, and washed, to get out! That’s it! We threw in the towel. We are going to bed! We will deal with it in the morning!

When we laid down we could not stand the smell of the pillows, so we took off the pillow cases… believe it or not, the pillows actually smelt WORSE than the cases… so back on the cases went and we put towels that we brought over those  nasty smelling pillows.

Night Maui Condo and Car!     >:/


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