Happily Ever Ellemingo


I could not be more excited about tying the knot with the love of my life! We worked so incredibly hard to get where we are today and we had the most amazing wedding ever! AND WE DESERVED IT! Tori and I have been through so much. We choose each other every freaking day. We choose Love every single day. We choose our good days over our bad days because our good days so greatly outweigh the bad ones.  I couldn’t feel more excited about the commitment we made to one another. I feel so incredibly blessed that I chose to spend the rest of my life madly in love with my Very Best Friend.

The wedding was amazing! Not perfect, but amazing! There were a million happy tears shed as well as some sad tears too. Family and friends came from all around to surround us with love and celebrate with us as we started the next chapter in our story. We feel so blessed to have so so much support from everyone!

We were worried about the weather for sure! We were having an outdoor BBQ with all types of fun yard games like beer pong, corn hole and ladder ball. We had hand made over 20 decorations and had tables on tables of fun things to do. Of course we rented a tent just in case but when we saw the weather alert for tropical rains we realized we might be in for a rude surprise! We had no room for ANYTHING other than the bar, food, cake and tables under that tent ( in our defense the tent company did set up the wrong tent, and had they set up the right tent we could have fit a lot more under there) BUT no worries because it was BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely no rain! It was perfect and I wouldn’t trade that day for the world!

I wish we took more photos with our friends and family, but we let go of the concept of time and reality. It was perfect. It was everything we could have ever imagined and so so much more.

I love being Mrs. Ellemingo ❤

And for those of you who don’t know…. Tori and I decided to combine both of our last names in a non traditional way. We both wanted to take each others last names and yet we both wanted to keep ours, So We took Ellery and Santo Domingo and came up with Ellemingo! And lets be real….  Ellery-Santo Domingo is just wayyyyy to long to say:p




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